The Generator Project is a campaign that wants to inspire people of all ages to spend more time face to face to experience the mental and physical health benefits of doing so. If you are an educator and want to use The Generator Project as your excuse to get your students more connected, here is a simple tool that you can download which we hope will allow you to start the conversation.

Tool #1 : The time spent with others face to face tracking template.

Use this template to challenge your students to make the conscious decision to spend more time face to face in the week leading up to Generator Weekend. This template can help you manually track the daily time spent face to face and maybe even find a few prizes to give those who make the greatest effort to spend more time face to face.

We hope you find this tool helpful and that it allows you to create a conversation that raises the awareness of the benefits of face to face social connection. You can also find some articles on the topic in the research page on our website.

Generator Project School Challenge Download