The Generator Project wants to inspire businesses across the country to “Power Down and Let the People Shine” for Generator Weekends as well! Getting employees more connected has many benefits for the employee and for the business as well. From improved health, to less stress and greater happiness, there are lots of reasons to get your team connected. On the business side of things, research shows that happier employees are more productive, so there really is nothing to hold you back! Don’t forget to include your remote workers as well!

Join us for the next Generator Weekend by hosting a Generator Project in your office on Friday May 4th. Register your intention to get the team together and be sure to check out the tools that we have which will make it easier to spread the word to the team.

If you want more information about the benefits and how it all works, please click the image below to download this one pager and it will provide you all you need to know!

Generator Project Business One Pager