Social Media

Yeah, we do social. Just not like everyone else.

We understand the impulse to be connected and share things on the spot, but our initiative is about powering down from social media and the many other digital distractions we deal with day to day. Why not embrace the #latergram and wait a day to share your great photo! After all, the main reason to connect when we power down is to live in the moment. We believe that social media can be a positive aspect of life, but we also want to highlight that there are times when it gets in the way of amazing connections and experiences. Let’s use photos as a means to re-live the moment with those you shared it with, not make it about sharing the moment with those that aren’t there. When you do look to post, why not include a little bit more about why you took part in the generator project? Spread the word using our hashtags. #GeneratorProject #Face2Face #Latergram.