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I was working at a country club at the time, as a server. And it was a generally busy day outside on the patio.

The power went out when I was in the back of the kitchen, and I see the emergency lights on thinking, oh the power went off.

We were chatting with the rest of the team while waiting for the electricity to come back on. Meanwhile the kitchen staff were frantic trying to preserve the food to not incur any waste.

We then heard from the executives that the place was shutting down and power would not return for some time.

Since it was early, we decided to stay near the pool and patio bar and connected with all the workers who turned up for their shifts, but didn’t want to immediately leave. It was the first time we connected with other departments, like the lifeguards :), and began to form new connections and solidify existing ones.

I packed up and started driving home from Richmond Hill to Markham.

It was jam packed. Lots of traffic and people outside their houses. I realized for the first time that electricity was so powerful (no pun intended). It was a basic survival tool we used each day to overcome and assist with the daily living conditions. It cooks our food, powers our houses and gadget.

After the long drive, I finally arrived at home and noticed the entire street outside on their lawns, and people were having parties and bbq’s. It was quite the scene, and it continued for some time.

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